Is your crypto as safe as you think?

Privacy is a fundamental right. This is especially important when it comes to our activity in spaces on the Internet. Learn about privacy-first browser Brave in this guest post coming straight from the Brave team!

You know the story. Google makes great tools that everybody uses, but there’s a cost: Chrome lives on ads that suck up our personal data. Ads that slow our phones to a crawl, and drain our battery. But did you know Chrome also puts everyone on a blockchain at risk?

Google has two-thirds market share. Worldwide. That means as many as two out of every three people are using Chrome to access their portfolio, make trades, and research assets. Worse, they’re often doing so on a third-party wallet extension, vulnerable to phishing and theft.

So why do we keep using Google? In short, because everyone else is. Well, that, and because Google’s ecosystem is seamless, reliable, and full of good features.

But the more people develop for Chrome and Android, the more reliant we are on Google. It’s a vicious cycle, a world where the theft and sale of personal data becomes normal.

What if there was a better way? A private alternative to Google, built specifically for crypto.

There is. It’s called Brave.

The Brave difference

Brave makes a privacy-first web browser, but it’s built on Chromium, the open-source codebase behind Chrome. That means tabs, incognito windows, and all the great features (plus look and feel) you know and expect. But Brave also does something special: By default, it blocks all third-party ads, and all trackers, from every webpage you visit. Period.

This native blocking has real benefits vs. Chrome. To name a few:

  • 3x faster page load
  • 1 hour longer battery life on every charge
  • 33% less memory consumed

Without ads, there’s just less data on the page, meaning less stuff to load, less load on your device… And that means mobile data plan savings.

But Brave does more than save you money. It also helps you earn.

Earn crypto for what you’re already doing

With Brave, you can earn crypto just for browsing, via a program called Brave Rewards.

If you opt-in to Brave Rewards, you’ll see first-party ads from Brave’s privacy-preserving ads network (not on-page ads). And in the process, you’ll earn a crypto asset called the Basic Attention Token (BAT). The ads aren’t personalized in any way, but rather generalized to the entire population of Brave users. So the privacy protections remain.

And it adds up to real cash. As much as $5 in BAT every single month.

What can you do with BAT? Same stuff you can do with any other crypto asset: Spend it. Trade it. Swap it. Or keep it in your portfolio, and let the asset earn for you.

The Brave ecosystem

In addition to Brave Rewards, and the core user-experience you’d expect from a browser (like tabs and private windows), Brave offers a whole suite of free, browser-based features:

  • Native crypto wallet: A crypto wallet built right into the browser, no extensions to worry about, and easy integration with other wallets (hardware or software).
  • Easy crypto widgets: Open a new tab in Brave, and you’ll see sleek, built-in crypto widgets with current asset prices, BAT balance, and more.
  • Powerful mobile apps: Optimized for both Android devices and for iOS.
  • Playlist: Create a playlist of the content you love, right in the browser. Add almost any media (video or audio), replay anytime, anywhere. Even offline.
  • News: A personalized news feed right on the new-tab-page of the browser, all 100% private. Content aggregated from hundreds of top new sources, including more than a dozen crypto-focused web publishers.
  • Talk: Start free, 1:1 video calls right in the Brave Browser. With Brave Talk, you get unlimited, private video calls, with no extra apps to download, no login, no tracking.

With browser-native features, there’s no extension to log in to, no extra app to download or take up space on your device. And each Brave feature has Brave’s privacy guarantee. Add it all up and you’ve got way better privacy, on everything you do, on your entire device.

Switching is easy

So, yes, Chrome has market share. But have we in the crypto community ever been content with the status quo? For all the reasons outlined above, and for what it could mean for the security of the blockchain, we recommend switching to a privacy browser like Brave today.

To get started just download at, import your bookmarks & extensions (even saved passwords!), and set Brave as your default browser. With Brave as default, every web link you click opens with Brave’s privacy protections.

(Oh, and mention Brave to your family. Everyone needs better privacy in their lives.)

Brave: The browser for speed. The browser for crypto. The browser for ZebPay worldwide.

[Download Brave now for Android devices, for iOS, or for desktop.]

*This guest post has been authored by the Brave team. All copyrights in this post are property of Brave Software, Inc.

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