Rewarding Athletes with NIL Coin

Cryptocurrency has become very popular amongst athletes and the sports industry. Top sports leagues like the NFL and the NBA have released exclusive NFT collections. Athletes like Odell Beckham Jr. and Russell Okung and more are even receiving their salaries in crypto! NIL coin is the latest cryptocurrency to reward college athletes.

NIL coin launched yesterday on 15th December on Uniswap Exchange. It has a strategic partnership with Post Game, the largest network that gives college athletes a chance to earn. Athletes enjoy these earning opportunities through brand endorsements, appearances, NFTs and so on. The more they participate in these campaigns via Post Game, the more NIL they earn.

Bill Jua, the founder of Post Game, says that through the launch of NIL, college athletes can actively reap the benefits of the digital economy. They are reinventing how athletes can benefit beyond just free products and cash payouts. 

It gives athletes at a very primitive stage in their sports career the opportunity to rise to fame through the platform. This has been a very popular project that has resulted in the coin rising over 100% over the last 24 hours. CoinMarketCap reported NIL trading at $0.00001151, with an increase of 132.82% in the last 24 hours as of 15th December. 

The cryptographic company DOOR launched NIL coin. It accelerates crypto projects that have real life utility. It is blockchain powered ad network powered with its own utility token. Users are rewarded with the tokens on clicking and connecting with businesses on the app. The token is thriving in its price performance as it is up 2000% since July of this year!

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