Sleepless AI (AI) launched on ZebPay 

You can now trade Sleepless AI on ZebPay’s Quick Trade. The token symbol for Sleepless AI is “AI”. Our quest to remain as a leading crypto service provider remains steadfast, and we actively look out for assets which can benefit our users.

About Sleepless AI

Sleepless AI is a gaming platform at the intersection of Web3 and AI, designed to revolutionise the gaming industry through the incorporation of cutting-edge AI and blockchain technology, aiming to deliver unparalleled innovation.

HIM and HER are going to be two inaugural games being launched by the Sleepless AI gaming platform. The token is primarily used for Governance, in-game purchases, discounts, and more.

The latest valuation of Sleepless AI is close to $200 million. Till date 7.6% percent of the total “AI” token supply has been sold. The token distribution is as mentioned in the table below.

Binance Launchpool7% of token supply
Investors18% of token supply
Initial Airdrop1% of token supply
Team18% of token supply
Short term growth fund29% of token supply
Long term treasury fund27% of token supply

Benefits of Trading on ZebPay

ZebPay is one of the most trusted names in the crypto world. Since its inception in 2014, ZebPay has added 7 million+ downloads. We actively look out for assets which enable financial freedom to our users. However, users must ensure that they do their thorough due diligence before trading. This blog should not be considered investment advice.

Security at ZebPay

ZebPay takes asset security as a paramount priority. Below listed are some of the key facets of our battle-tested security.

  • The majority of our member assets are stored in cold wallets to ensure maximum asset safety
  • ZebPay only partners with platforms that are over-collateralised and assures the safety of our members’ assets
  • ZebPay’s systems and processes are regularly audited to minimise investor risk. Our Information Security Management System is ISO-certified and stringent security protocols are in place to protect our members’ data and assets

Get Started With ZebPay

If you are ready to trade using ZebPay, here is what you need to do.

  • Step 1: Deposit Fiat currency into your ZebPay wallet
  • Step 2: Open the Quick Trade or the Exchange panel and search for the token you wish to trade
  • Step 3: Enter the amount of Fiat you would like to invest
  • Step 4: Check the order details and place the order

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