Sophia Meets The Metaverse

Meet Sophia, the unnerving human-like AI robot developed by Hanson Robotics. As a social robot, she can see people’s faces and react based on their expressions, she processes conversational and emotional data. She is a man made human being, as she is programmed to feel emotions and build relationships! 

Sophia is no stranger to the globe. She has travelled to over 65 countries. She is a Saudi Arabian citizen, marking the first ever robot citizen. Appearing on several international forums and even advocating for women’s rights, she is now a cultural icon.

Will Sophia be a part of our lives?

David Hanson, CEO of Hanson Robotics believes that robots like Sophia will become a part of our everyday lives. He thinks they will assist in day to day activities and decision making. Sophia is equipped with the right tools to make decisions as she has the power of memory, high emotional intelligence and the curiosity to learn. Through the means of AI and machine learning, over time she will get smarter as she learns more and more. 

Check out this video to see how Sophia would deal with a moral dilemma:

Hanson Robotics’ vision

Hanson Robotics Lab wants to mass produce robots like Sophia. The team believes that it would be most beneficial to the elderly or lonely people as they can provide very humanised support. Researchers point out that robotics will have more applications alongside the COVID-19 pandemic. Robots could go out and buy your groceries and meals getting exposed. 

In fact, the team designed a special prototype named Grace to interact with COVID patients in the hospital wards. Grace would go around interacting with lonely patients, providing therapy and could even take temperature with her built-in thermal camera!

Sophia enters the Metaverse!

100 unique iNFTs of Sophia in anime characters are being released in partnership with – beingAI in the metaverse. Are you wondering what iNFTs are? They’re intelligent NFTS, which signify that the NFT possesses its own AI personality. This iteration in the bot is believed to bring humanity and technology together. 

As she enters the metaverse, she becomes Sophia beingAI. Furthermore, The various personalities will live in their own metaverse called The Noah’s Ark. Within the virtual gaming environment, the Sophias will interact with players. Kind of like the movie ‘Free Guy’ coming to life! 

The collection of iNFTs is called ‘The Transmedia Universe of Sophia beingAI’ and will go live on Binance’s NFT Marketplace. The auction will take place between December 16th to the 21st, releasing 20 per day. 

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