The ZebLabs Intern Experience | Krina Shah

Krina Shah has been interning with ZebLabs for almost three months. Read about her experience working with us:

Working at Zebpay has truly made me realise that Innovation and Automation is the backbone of every technologically-led organisation. Being a part of the Research & Development team here has allowed me to challenge myself and as a result, I have been able to develop a new mindset – “there is a solution, keep looking”. Along with this, the idea of making anything better is something that has instilled in me and I truly feel grateful to have had the professional space and resources to learn and reflect this in the work that I have done. 

Starting as an intern, the learning process began with intense coding sessions and conducting research on a regular basis. I was given the opportunity to choose my own projects to work on which not just enabled me freedom but also the ability to tap into completely new aspects of development. 

ZebPay also gave me a sense of community when I got the opportunity to be a part of the first women’s DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organization). Being in a space of fellow women in this industry and getting a chance to pitch ideas was a wholesome experience like no other. This distributed network of ideas and taking it forward with the R&D team made me believe not just in myself but also in the democratic value being perpetuated by the organisation.  

Even as a small member of the team, I have been extremely grateful to have received such an extremely welcoming and supportive environment – one where my opinions and inputs are valued. The positive support of the team encourages me to explore avenues of thought that I never knew I could tap into. 

The sense of responsibility brought with working with the Research and Development team has made me believe that we can change the way an organisation functions. Coming up with new ways to help automate tedious and monotonous processes and help bring in an element of creativity and innovation while saving money for the organisation has been a challenge that I have thoroughly enjoyed working on. The key component of the decentralised team which I appreciate is that it has enabled anyone and everyone to contribute to the projects. Our weekly Coffee with Research sessions where we share any new technological innovations and ideas with the whole organisation has surely been a close favourite activity of mine. 

It has been an absolute pleasure working with the ohana as the team has made me feel a part of the ZebPay family and I am looking forward to contributing to new innovations every day. 

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