Why ZebPay hearts Binance (and Unocoin, CoinDCX…)


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Binance on ZebPay

With the launch of the Binance token this week, you’re probably wondering, “If ZebPay is so selective with tokens, why did BNB make the cut?” The short answer is that Binance contributes to building a future we believe in.

Since its ICO in 2017, the BNB token has added a whole range of new features across travel, entertainment, and more. It supports other blockchain projects through the Binance Launchpad, and recently even migrated to a chain of its own. Our CEO, Rahul Pagidipati, sees huge potential in the Binance Smart Chain. With Binance on ZebPay, we’re committed to giving Indians the easy INR fiat on-ramp they want.

Blockchain = Cooperation over Competition

Rahul believes that the blockchain industry only gets stronger with competition. According to him, “It’s not a zero-sum game where there’s a winner and there has to be a loser. What’s really cool about the blockchain industry is, it’s kind of life. It’s an ecosystem. The ecosystem thrives when there’s a lot of diversity. We’re trying to build an open, decentralised world, and we want to work with companies that share this vision. It’s healthier for us, healthier for bitcoin, and healthier for the whole ecosystem.”

Since taking over the company in January of this year, Rahul’s motto has always been collaboration over competition. ZebPay stands for the same value that attracts millions of people to Bitcoin: radical transparency. That’s why, over the past few months, we’ve made so many unconventional moves. We made previously closed-door meetings with our CEO public and brought Bitcoin to the biggest sporting event in India through our ads on Disney Hotstar. 

Leading the way

Most importantly on October 21, we opened our Board of Directors meeting to CEOs of two competing exchanges, Unocoin and CoinDCX. It was the second time Rahul opened a Board meeting to ZebPay employees. This kind of transparency is practically unheard of in business. But transparency and honesty has been in our DNA from the time of its founding.

Unocoin’s Sunny Ray recently talked about how he first approached Mahin Gupta, ZebPay’s co-founder, for a job at a time when ZebPay was the only crypto exchange in India. Mahin, seeing how serious Sunny was about crypto, advised him to go start his own company instead of working below him at ZebPay. He understood that Sunny had a vision, and explained that greater competition was better for the blockchain industry in India (which at that point, was basically non-existent). 

Supporting a diverse blockchain ecosystem

This kind of unity in the industry really paid off when Indian crypto faced its biggest challenge in 2018: the RBI ruling. ZebPay, along with Unocoin became one of the first members of the Blockchain committee of the IAMAI. This committee would go on to fight the ruling in the Supreme Court, and—as everyone knows by now—win the case!

The SC judgment cleared the path not only for crypto exchanges like ours, but an entire ecosystem of blockchain media and creators like Coincrunch and Cryptokanoon. In fact, in the coming weeks, ZebPay will be partnering with Cryptokanoon to bring a brand new education series, totally free and open to the entire crypto community. 

Our mission is for every Indian to own crypto. We can only get there by working together and supporting every single member of the blockchain ecosystem. There’s no room for egos! We also know that ZebPay couldn’t have got where it is today without your support, and now it’s our turn to pay it forward by supporting the people who share our vision. Let’s #BlockchainTheWorld!

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