ZebPay launches BNB. Wait, what?


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At ZebPay, we list tokens that have a mission we believe in. We don’t list for short-term trading, but long-term value. That’s why we’re listing the Binance token, BNB. Binance is the world’s largest crypto-exchange, but its drive to innovate makes it truly special. 

Binance Token at ZebPay

Why does ZebPay love the Binance token?

BNB launched via ICO in June 2017 as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network. It was a payment method and a way for traders to get discounts on Binance.

In the three years since, BNB has added new powers and benefits—at least 30 of them—across payments, travel, entertainment and trade. 

You can even get funding in BNB for a project of your own on the Binance Launchpad. There’s a certain poetry to a coin that was launched via ICO being used to fund the coin offerings for other projects. Innovation encouraging innovation.

Since its launch in 2017, BNB’s value has appreciated by 44%. This has been accompanied by a steady downtrend in volatility as more users have begun to invest

BNB has also migrated from Ethereum to a chain of its own – the Binance Chain. BNB’s home chain is optimized for ultra-fast trading, but is limited from a programmability standpoint.  The Binance Smart Chain looks to complement that speed, while boosting its functionality.

So, why would ZebPay list another exchange’s token?

We don’t see other crypto firms as competitors, but collaborators in our shared mission of helping people access Bitcoin and blockchain. We’re so committed to this idea that at our quarterly board of directors meeting in October, our CEO Rahul Pagidipati invited the CEOs of two of our “competitors”, Unocoin and CoinDCX. We showed them our financials and even our secret Project Dazzle, India’s first nonfungible token. Good partners cooperate as well as compete.

Rahul explains his enthusiasm for the Binance token this way:

“I invest in Bitcoin and Ether because to me those are the most important coins. I also invest in BAT and BNB because they power companies that have blockchain innovation at their core. Binance is doing things like Smart Chain, their DEX project, and tech related to DAOs. Those innovations are good for everyone, not just Brave and Binance, so we 100% want to support that.” 

Buy BNB token with INR

You can now use your ZebPay account to buy BNB tokens using Indian rupees. You can trade them on ZebPay or transfer them to Binance to use in their ecosystem. Just send your BNB to your Binance wallet address.

What can you do with BNB on Binance? You could:

  • Buy the HTC Exodus smartphone
  • Split your bills and expenses with LNDR
  • Use BNB as collateral for a loan on ETHLend
  • Add premium services to BitTorrent
  • Hire freelancers on CanYa
  • Buy a dedicated server on PureVPN

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