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$13.10 2.98%up Chainlink current price is $13.10 with a marketcap of 7.96 B. Its price is 2.98% up in last 24 hours.

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About Chainlink

Chainlink can be thought of as a connecting network that facilitates the integration of non-blockchain entities with those built on the chain. Therefore, it is considered a technology platform while also having its crypto asset, referred to as LINK, on exchanges across the globe. It acts as a middleware that links smart contracts built on blockchain networks with any external data that may include scores of sports games or even live prices of stocks and shares. The blockchain’s currency, LINK, is used as collateral on the network for bringing about agreements between the smart contracts. As it supports a hybrid network of computations, Chainlink is known as a blockchain abstraction layer or a decentralized oracle layer. Individuals or enterprises can use Chainlink to access a variety of other blockchains such as Solana, Terra, or Ethereum. Based on the popular open-source blockchain and proof of work methodology, its operating protocol allows anyone in the public domain to view and contribute to the Chainlink ecosystem.

By integrating on-chain codes and off-chain data sets, Chainlink supports sharing of information and facilitation of computations without differentiation. Chainlink’s key features are listed below:

  • Interoperability between networks: Since it connects many networks within its ecosystem, interoperability for cross-blockchain activities is a key feature offered by Chainlink.
  • Decentralised data inputs: Data is collected from various sources (on and off the chain) and securely used for smart contracting in a hybrid format.
  • Automation of operations: Core functionalities and tasks driven by specific events within an enterprise can be automated by smart contracts to reduce dependencies and increase efficacy.
  • Secure ‘randomness’: Several applications, such as games, require an aspect of ‘randomness’. Often, this is seen as a compromise on security. However, Chain link provides the promise of security by ensuring that ‘randomness’ is brought about through verifiable sources.

Founded in 2019 by Sergey Nazarov and Steve Ellis, LINK is an ERC-20 token that indicates its compatibility with other smart contracts and crypto-assets on the Ethereum platform. Though Chainlink’s current use case is restricted to being a mode of payment for node operators, they are currently working on expanding their support for smart contracting by identifying several additional use cases. Its interoperability and security features have strong potential to solve many hurdles across industry verticals, externally, and within various business functions internally.

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Base Currency
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10 Bitcoin(BTC)
364,990.00 USD

  • Market cap $7.96 B 0.36 % of Crypto Market
  • Volume (24h) $212.00 M -27.73%

Price History

  • 52 Week Low $5.76
  • 52 Week High $22.83
  • All Time Low $0.13
  • All Time High $52.88

Market Stats

  • Total Supply 1.00 B
  • Max Supply n/a
  • Circulating Supply 608.10 M
  • CMC Rank 15
  • 7D% Change -0.74%
  • Returns YTD -12.53%

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