ZebPay QuickTrade Volume Challenge

This trading challenge is open to all ZebPay members who are KYC verified. Win prizes up to INR 25,000 by ranking in the top of the fastest trading volumes achieved on any coin trading pair on QuickTrade.

Duration: 26 September – 4 October 2022

How can I participate in the challenge?
  • If you have an account with Zebpay, you are automatically enrolled.
  • If you complete KYC verification during the challenge you will also become automatically enrolled.
  • You will be eligible for the Daily Challenge from 00:00 hours IST of the next full day after your KYC verification.
  • The fastest way to deposit funds is via Netbanking. Other bank transfer deposits are also available.
  • You must agree to the Terms & Conditions of the trading challenge. Any manipulation will result in disqualification. 
  • For example, if we find evidence of “wash trading,” collusion with another trader to buy and sell back and forth around a certain price level to increase the number of recorded trades, we will disqualify you. 
  • As per the Terms & Conditions, all decisions by ZebPay will be binding and final.
  • Only QuickTrades listed on ZebPay will count towards this volume challenge.
Things to remember:

Only KYC and Bank-verified ZebPay members can participate.

Reward & Eligibility:

The traders who achieve the highest trading volume for a slab, and do it the fastest, will receive rewards up to INR 25,000. Applicable on QuickTrade from 26 September – 4 October 2022.

Group A : 

First two traders who achieve the highest volume between 40 lakhs to 50 lakhs will win INR 25,000 each.

First two traders who achieve the highest volume between 30 lakhs to 40 lakhs will win INR 15,000 each. 

A trader who achieves the highest volume between 20 lakhs to 30 lakhs will win INR 10,000.

Note: The fastest one to achieve the highest volume of each slab will be declared as the winner of the slab. No participant will win multiple times.

Group B

First 10 traders who achieve trading volume upto INR 50,000 will win INR 1,000 each.

First 10 traders who have the highest volume between INR 50,000 to INR 250,000 will win INR 3,000 each. 

First 10 traders who have the highest volume between INR 250,000 to INR 20,00,000 will win INR 10,000 each.

Note: The fastest one to achieve the highest volume of each slab will be declared as the winner of the slab. No participant will win multiple times.

Keep in mind: 
  • Only QT volumes will be considered for this offer. 
  • Only KYC- Bank verified ZebPay members can participate.
  • This volume considers only QuickTrade INR

Winners will be announced on the 15th of October.

Terms & Conditions of ZebPay QuickTrade Volume Challenge – 2022

Awlencan Innovations India Limited​, ​(hereinafter  referred to as “ZebPay”), is organising a trading challenge program for its new and existing customers and giving an opportunity to win prizes for the Term (as defined below) (the “Program”), subject to the eligibility criteria and other requirements listed in these Terms & Conditions. (“T&Cs”)

These T&Cs shall apply to all Participants (as defined below). By accessing the ZebPay Platform and participating in the Program, you confirm that you accept these T&Cs and that you agree to fully comply with them and with any additions/modifications thereto that may be made from time to time. By participating in the Program, you further grant your consent to ZebPay to contact you.

You further agree that you are also bound by the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and other terms available at https://zebpay.com/in/legal-privacy#terms-of-use​ https://zebpay.com/in/legal-privacy#privacy-policy and https://zebpay.com/in/legal-privacy#aml-policy (hereinafter collectively referred to as “​ZebPay Policies​”). 

Words capitalised and not defined hereunder shall have the meaning ascribed to them under the ZebPay Policies referred to above.

  1. Period: The Program will be effective as follows:
  1. From 26th September 2022, 12 AM IST (Indian Standard Time) to 4th October 2022, 11:59 PM IST (“Term”). 
  1. Notwithstanding anything stated in 1(a) above, ZebPay may, at its sole discretion, alter or extend or cancel the Term and the Programat any time at its sole discretion. Participants (defined below) are advised to review the updated terms and conditions from time to time.

2.   Eligibility: To be eligible to participate in the Program, a user is required to satisfy all the following criteria:

a)  New and existing users of ZebPay’s India platform alone shall be allowed to participate in​ ​the Program (“Participants”). 

b)  Participants will be able to participate in the Program only after completing the KYC process in accordance with ZebPay’ Policies ​. Notwithstanding the foregoing, and for avoidance of any doubt, ZebPay reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to approve or reject any Participants from the Program.

c)  Every Participant who participates in the Program hereby grants ZebPay and/or any of its third-party vendors the right to communicate with such Participant by email / phone / messenger and/or other means of communications in relation to their participation in the Program, in compliance with applicable laws.

d)  In order to be eligible for rewards of the Program, a Participant should have an active account with ZebPay throughout the Term when the Program is active.

3.   Program- Rules:

  • The Participant who will be chosen as winners shall be such:-
  1. Participants who make the highest trade as per the Volume slabs  mentioned in point 4.1  below; and 
  2. Participants who are the fastest to reach the aforementioned highest trading volume.
  • The prizes for the Program winners will be credited within 30 working days of the winner announcement, subject to factors outside ZebPay’s control.  

4.    Rewards​: 

4.1 Volume slabs:

Volume (in Rs.)No of winnersPer Person Prize (in Rs.)Total Prize Money (in Rs.)
upto 50,000101,00010,000
2,50,000 – 20,00,000105,00050,000

4.2 The rewards of the Program are non-transferable, non-negotiable, and final. ZebPay reserves the right to change or substitute the rewards in any manner and /or at any time, in any manner of its choosing and reserves the right to withhold the rewards, at its sole and absolute discretion, and shall not be liable to any party/person in any manner whatsoever regarding the same. The rewards shall be given in the Participant’s ZebPay account and shall be governed by ZebPay’s Policies.

5.  Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, ZebPay reserves the right to disqualify or disallow any Participants/trade/transaction in the Program if ZebPay, at its sole discretion, is of the opinion that the particular Participant/trade/transaction falls under the purview of “wash trading” (​i.e., placing of sell and buy orders simultaneously on the same asset to artificially inflate trading volumes while giving the impression that the asset is more in demand than it actually is​) or is done in any manner for the purpose of feeding false or misleading information to the market. ZebPay’s decision in this regard shall be final and binding, and by participating in the Program, all the Participants expressly understand and agree with ZebPay’s rights as specified above.

The reward structure for the Programs shall be published on the ZebPay website from time to time. 

6.    Release; No Waranties​: Each Participant hereby releases and discharges ZebPay from any and all claims, damages, losses (whether perceived or actual) and/or cause of action, known or unknown, arising from or relating to the rewards and/or their participation in the Program. ZebPay does not provide any warranties of any kind to the Participant with respect to the Program. ZebPay hereby disclaims any and all representations and warranties, including any implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement in relation to the Program.

7.    Disqualification: ZebPay reserves the right to disqualify any Participant on the grounds of unfair trading practices, including but not limited to distorting reported trade volumes by collusion or any other unfair means, disseminating false information, as well as any breach of any terms herein, and/or breach of any terms of the ZebPay policies available at its website www.ZebPay.com (all at Zebpay’s sole discretion).

8.    Promotional Event​: The Participant acknowledges that the Program is only an event for promoting trading on ZebPay’s India platform, including the ZebPay app, and participation in the Program is completely voluntary. The Program is only a promotional event and does not constitute an offer from ZebPay. Participation does not confer any rights or privileges, whether contractual or otherwise, on the Participant. It is clarified that a Participant’s participation in the Program does not constitute an acceptance, nor in any way does participation in the Program constitute a legally binding contract. ZebPay at its own discretion reserves the full right to withdraw and/or alter any of the Terms at any time, with or without prior notice.

9.   Taxes: The rewards contemplated hereunder shall be inclusive of any and all taxes. ZebPay shall not be responsible for any tax liability on the Participants that may be imposed on the rewards to winners under applicable law. The Participant shall bear all responsibility for payments of all taxes towards such Participant’s rewards. ZebPay in no manner shall provide any tax guidance or advice on this matter to any Participant and the Participants may engage independent consultants/advisors to seek any advice in this regard in their sole discretion. If required by applicable law, ZebPay shall credit the rewards to the eligible Participants after tax deduction at source.

10. Dispute​: In the event of any dispute regarding these terms and conditions, rules, conduct, results and all other matters relating to the Program, ZebPay’s decision shall be final and binding.

11. Disclaimer​:

I) Trading in cryptographic assets is subject to market, technical and legal risks. Prices of cryptographic assets on the ZebPay platform may differ from other exchanges due to local demand and supply. Please note that ZebPay does not regulate the prices of cryptographic assets. ZebPay doesn’t guarantee any returns or profits by trading in cryptographic assets. Participants shall use ZebPay’s services to participate in the Program or to trade in the crypto/ cryptographic assets at their own risk and discretion.

II) Notwithstanding anything contrary contained herein, ZebPay reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the Program at any point of time without serving any notice whatsoever to anyone.

III) To the extent not prohibited by applicable law, ZebPay shall have no liability whatsoever to the Participants and/or any third party, whether for breach or in tort. Notwithstanding the foregoing, ZebPay shall not be liable to the Participants and/or any third parties for any indirect, punitive, special, incidental or consequential damage in connection with or arising out of the Program, however it arises, whether for breach or in tort, even if the Participant and/or third party has been previously advised of the possibility of such damages.

Crypto products are unregulated and subject to volatility and risk. Please read the Crypto Industry Risk Disclosure document before making any investments.

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