Beyond NFTs: Crypto Baristas

So there are a few NFT projects that hold more utility than just the art work. Last week we went over Bored Apes Yacht Club and it’s unique ecosystem. This week we will dive into the Crypto Baristas and discover how it goes behind Crypto Baristas. 

Crypto baristas: nft artwork in the coffee space | Logo design contest |  99designs

What is Crypto Baristas?

The Crypto Barista Project supports the first ever NFT funded project. The project aims at building a community of like minded people that share interests of coffee, and NFTs. Moreover it aligns those who appreciate art and encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation. 

The owners of the project control the “Barista Bank”. The bank holds 15% of the funds from the sale of the NFTs. These funds are set aside specifically for future projects. The Coffee Bros have set an immediate goal of opening a physical space to display art and the sentiment of innovation. 

How crypto baristas are made

Illustrator Tony Bui and the Coffee Bros created and launched season 1. Season 1 is 60 hand drawn unique characters pouring coffee with different levels of rarity each. There can be 455 owners with the variety in characters. The rarity levels are shown as below.


In addition to being a proud Crypto Barista owner, the developers have granted owners exciting perks. Holders will enjoy for life at all future cafe spaces, our coffee partners’ website (Coffee Bros.), exclusive coffees, and discounts on Crypto Barista merchandise.

The owners will be in control of the Barista Bank that we mentioned earlier. The funds can either be used to donate to coffee funds or expand on more future projects. Additionally, they enjoy voting rights and will dictate the project’s future and road map. This includes café space decisions, Season 2 direction, new character concepts. Season 1 Holders will hold exclusive rights to call dibs on season 2 NFTs! They will be offered the same before it is launched to the general public. 

The project is also getting a spot in the limelight as they have pledged to plant 5 trees on the successful sale of each NFT.

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