Brand New Quick Trade Features of your ZebPay App

Your crypto trading experience has now been upgraded with ZebPay’s all-new app update. We improved our app interface, added a host of new features and enhanced overall performance. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new.


You can now mark your favourite coins in the QuickTrade section of your ZebPay App. The “Favourite” icon is indicated by a ⭐next to each coin. This will help you monitor your favourite coins at a glance without searching.


      You can now sort coins in many ways which will help you track coins easily

  • New – You can view the most recently launched coins first and in that order
  • Trending – You can view coins with the highest volume first and in that order
  • Favourites – You can view your favourites coin first and in that order
  • Price – You can view coins in ascending or descending order of their price
  • 24-hour change – You can view coins in ascending or descending order of their price change in the last 24 hours
  • Volume – You can view coins in ascending or descending order of the traded volume in the last 24 hours
  • Coins –  You can view coins in alphabetical order

Search Coin

You can now search for a coin or a currency on any tab

Upgrade in Buy and Sell features

You can now seamlessly place your Buy and Sell orders by either mentioning the Quantity of Crypto or the Fiat amount

You can now deposit Fiat through the Quick trade feature

Fiat deposits can now be made through the Quick trade tab in case you have insufficient funds in your wallet

TDS feature

The TDS component of your Buy/Sell order will now be displayed before you place an order. Both the TDS percentage and the amount will be visible. In case there is a price change before you Buy/Sell, the refresh button can be used to see the updated order amount. 

Detailed order history 

You can now view your entire order history of a coin in your Quick trade tab. Your order history will now include the date and time of the order placed, order ID, TDS component, Fees, Quantity of Crypto bought/sold, Price of Crypto, and total traded value.

Superior UI

You can now experience a superior interface while viewing coin symbols

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