Meet the Coolest NFTs on the Block: Cool Cats

Did you know that Cool Cats are a series of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain? You may think, “Another NFT series? What’s so special about them?” but these NFTs are more than an art project. Owning one allows you to do many things. Your Cool Cats can go on adventures, complete quests, build houses and go to battle. Due to the fantastic initial response, Cool Cats creators wish to expand from simple NFTs to a community-driven project.

What are Cool Cats

Cool Cats are a collection of 9,999 NFTs with a hand-drawn, comic book style that are making waves on the blockchain. Randomly generated from a set of over 300,000 options, each NFT has a unique body. They also have a variety of faces, outfits and colours to choose from. The goal of the team behind this is to create a gamified ecosystem called Cooltopia.

While Cooltopia is still under construction, here are some things you can do with your Cool Cat right now –

  1. Coolness contests: Each Cool Cat has a point system. Common items are worth fewer points than rarer items. Each cat can be worth between 3 and 10 points. These points affect your contests and raffles and will become more useful over time.
  2. Contests and raffles: The Cool Cats team believes in a sense of community. This is why they return 20% of collected Ethereum (ETH) to the community through contests and raffles.
  3. Voice in the community: Owning a Cool Cat allows you to influence the future of the platform. By giving input, you have a chance to guide the program as it adds features like breeding, a Cool Cats app, and much more.

How Cool Is My Cat?

There are several tiers that Cool Cats can take. Each tier has a different number of cats, along with points.

  • Cool – 4,600 cats with 3 to 4 points
  • Wild – 3,000 cats with 5 to 6 points
  • Classy – 1,750 cats with 7 to 8 points
  • Exotic – 649 cats with 9 to 10 points

Apart from these tiers, rarities are also determined by specific traits or combinations. For example, a Cool Cat dressed as a robot or a skeleton is rarer than others dressed in a simple shirt.

NFT Breeding: What Is It?

NFT breeding is a fascinating concept that involves creating new NFTs from those you own. Breeding creates more opportunities for you, as an owner, by allowing you to create your own NFTs.

Some other platforms that include breedable NFTs are –

  • Foxy Equilibrium
  • Chicken Derby

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Understanding the Cool Cats Roadmap

Breeding is a common problem in the world of collectible games. Each game has a unique way of handling it. The most popular method of Crypto Kitties is what is called a ‘breedable’. There are four steps involved:

  • Choose 2 NFTs as parents
  • Breed with an unrelated NFT
  • Waiting for conception
  • Waiting to deliver

Every NFT they breed will have a random mix of the traits the parents possess. The Cool Cats platform is yet to decide on the system it will use, but it is assumed that it will be a similar system. This is a Gen 2 feature that is coming soon to the platform.

$MILK: Earn Crypto

All your Cool Cats can have cool pets. Cool Cats $MILK tokens are currently only used to buy pet supplies, but this will change in the future. The team intends to turn Cooltopia into a tokenized economy driven by $MILK.

You can get MILK by going on quests with your cats. If you like, you can also buy $MILK from a coin exchange. This allows you to grow and evolve your pets. These pets can evolve into various elements such as air, fire, grass, and water.

The Team Behind The Scenes

The Cool Cats project is managed by four core members who each play a specific role. All Cool Cats is a series of comics created by Clon, also known as “The Catoonist”. The images in this series are based on Blue Cat, a character created by the author. The setting of the story is in a world where cats are re-imagined as humans with animal traits like whiskers, tails, and ears.

The Cool Cats team is very diverse in their skill sets. Tom takes care of the technical aspects, while Lynq is in charge of the creative side and ELU handles business development.

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The team describes themselves as four nerds who are passionate about crypto, art, and making cool stuff. This passion led to the launch of Cool Cats on 1 July 2021 at a price of 0.06 ETH. Today, the lowest price at which you can find a cool cat is 3.6 ETH, with some listed at 1000 ETH.

Final Thoughts

Randomly generated cats you can customise and send on adventures, where do we sign up? Cool Cats NFTs are a promising range driven by high community engagement and involvement. With a commitment to expanding from NFTs to a gamified ecosystem, the future looks bright for the Cool Cats.

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