Crypto Scams, and How to Avoid Them


The first step in protecting yourself from a possible crypto scam is to make sure you know who is asking for your information. Or more dangerous: who is asking for your crypto. 

You can’t take back your crypto on the blockchain. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. 

So you must be sure you can trust the owner of the other crypto address. 

But what if the other address belongs to a fraudster, someone who is lying about who they are? What if it’s someone pretending to be ZebPay?

Unfortunately, scams like this do happen. There have been ZebPay impersonators out there pretending to be us to conduct fraud. And there probably will be more. 

We have kept lakhs of our members’ crypto wallets safe for years, but only you can protect yourself from someone who is lying to you. Here are some of the most common scams. 

Fake Tech Support

Fraudsters set up fake customer support phone lines and social media handles to impersonate companies and get customers’ private information. 

ZebPay has seen fake Twitter support handles like @zebpaysupport17 popping up and trying to talk to our members. Yes, there were @zebpaysupport2 through 16 before this one and the same guy will probably keep adding +1 and trying again. Fortunately, all this practice has made it possible for us to take such handles down within a few hours. 

Remember – as of today, @zebpay and @zebpaysupport are our only handles on Twitter. 

Never give anyone remote access to your phone or computer. This effectively gives the scammer full access to your computer, online financial accounts, and digital life

Never give out your security codes or passwords. Our staff will never ask you to share sensitive authentication credentials 

Giveaway Scams

Just a few months ago, we had scamsters post on Facebook, saying ZebPay was giving away free Bitcoin. All you had to do was send them one of your Bitcoin to “verify the transaction”. Totally not suspicious, right?

Fortunately, some of the people being targeted alerted us and we were able to shut the fakes down right away.

Giveaway scams typically occur on popular social media platforms. A forged message will be posted, promising a too-good-to-miss deal or giveaway. There may even be a few responses, talking about how the offer is legitimate. 

The message will then ask that you “verify” your address by sending cryptocurrency to the scam giveaway.

The key to avoid falling prey to a scam like this is simple:

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Try and ask yourself, “Hmm, what’s the catch?”


A phishing site pretends to be authentic, to trick you into accidentally giving away sensitive information.

Scammers will send emails like these, and will claim anything. This particular scammer offered to accredit or crypto balance, but some will even go so far as to threaten you.

The best way to avoid falling for a phishing scam is to bookmark the sites you visit frequently. Make it a habit to use your bookmarks, rather than clicking links from emails or anywhere else.

We work tirelessly to keep your crypto safe. You can learn more about how we keep ZebPay secure here.

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