Day 9 of Navratri: The Future of the Crypto Landscape


In the previous 8 blogs of the Navratri knowledge series, we have covered various topics related to the Crypto Space. In the final blog of this series, let us dive into the future prospects of the Crypto Industry and learn about a few notable events that are likely going to take place in the near future. 

Regulatory Developments

The recent G-20 summit where India held the presidency initiated several important conversations around Crypto. Notable statutory bodies such as the IMF and IOSCO(International Organization of Securities Commission) have published several papers regarding the way forward for Crypto. These papers broadly included the measures to mitigate risks of black swan events, the overall impact of Crypto on the economy, common standards to be achieved, the agenda to frame comprehensive guidelines, and applicable laws that can be enforced in local jurisdictions among many others. 

We are yet to see these recommendations being shaped into laws. 2024 will be a pivotal year for Crypto as these recommendations will be discussed further with hopefully concrete decisions being taken.

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Institutional ETFs

An Exchange Traded Fund ( ETF) of Bitcoin is a simple and compliant way to trade the Bitcoin Price without actually owning the asset. ETFs mirror the price of the asset. So when you buy an ETF you are not buying Bitcoin but owning a mirror of the Bitcoin price. In the U.S., major institutions like BlackRock, Fidelity, and Invesco have applied with the Securities Exchange Commission( SEC) to file Bitcoin ETFs. As of October 2023, the SEC is yet to approve the Spot Bitcoin ETF. 

Bitcoin ETF is a simpler way to trade on the Bitcoin price as it removes the burden of security and storage. This is advantageous to the investors and the institution managing the ETF. Although creating an account on an exchange like ZebPay is a very quick and straightforward process, ETFs are a new way to gain exposure to the crypto market without actually purchasing the underlying asset. 2024 could be a landmark year for Spot Bitcoin ETFs as approvals of these ETFs could increase participation massively.

Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin halving represents a pivotal event occurring at four-year intervals. In essence, it signifies that every four years, the quantity of Bitcoins awarded to miners for adding a block to the Bitcoin blockchain is reduced by half. This is a very important event as Bitcoin is a deflationary asset with its supply reducing over time. The supply of Bitcoin is determined by the blockchain protocols which have already been predefined and cannot be changed. 

The upcoming Bitcoin halving is scheduled to happen most likely in April 2024, at which point the mining reward for each block will decrease to 3.125 BTC, which is half of the current block reward of 6.25 BTC. This reduction will continue every four years until the final Bitcoin is mined in the year 2140.


The Crypto industry is going through transformative changes both from a technological and a regulatory perspective. Although the market is relatively new, it has transformed massively in a short time. We recommend all crypto enthusiasts stay up to date on the latest crypto news and make informed investment decisions. 

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With that said, we mark a happy ending to the Navratri series. Do share these blogs with like-minded crypto enthusiasts who want to learn about Crypto. Click on the banner below and join the millions of traders participating in the Navratri Celebrations. Happy trading!

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