Introducing the ZebPay Lending Platform


Earn fixed returns on your crypto holdings with ZebPay, and unlock the power of passive returns!

Kyunki paisa hi paise ko khichta hai, na?

Money attracts more money. 

It’s a phrase that we’ve grown up hearing, and we’ve built the ZebPay Lending Platform to do exactly that for your crypto. 

We’re sure you’re wondering how this will work, so we’ve put together this post to help illustrate the power of passive return.

Let’s say you put ₹1 lakh into Ether on Jan 1, 2021. 

You’d be the proud owner of 1.87 ETH. After holding your ETH for three months – it would be worth ₹2.6 lakh April 1, 2021. Congratulations, that’s a 161% return on your investment!

Before ZebPay Lending
Starting Cash₹1,00,000.00
Price of Ethereum on Jan 1, 2021₹53,458
ETH Holding as on Jan 1, 2021 (A)1.870627
Fixed Return Earned (B)0
Amount of ETH Held on Apr 1, 2021(A+B)1.870627
Price of Ethereum on Apr 1, 2021₹139,745.00
Current Value₹261,410.83
Return on Investment161.41%

With ZebPay Lending you can enhance that return even further, and even protect yourself against market fluctuations with a fixed rate of return. 

The fixed returns are calculated directly on the amount of Ether you hold. Therefore, depositing your money with us guarantees a return of 0.0322875415 ETH (worth ₹4,512.02) over and above the gains from the rise in price. 

Here’s how the numbers look, in comparison:

Before ZebPay LendingAfter ZebPay Lending
Starting Cash₹100,000.00₹100,000.00
Price of Ethereum on Jan 1, 20215345853458
ETH Holding as on Jan 1, 2021 (A)1.8706271.870627
Fixed Return Earned (B)00.03228754157
Amount of ETH Held on Apr 1, 2021 (A+B)1.8706271.902915
Price of Ethereum on Apr 1, 2021₹139,745.00₹139,745.00
Current Value₹261,410.83₹265,922.85
Return on Investment161.41%165.92%

That means your overall ROI with ZebPay Lending goes all the way up to 165.92%

Ab se, crypto bhi crypto ko kheechega!

ZebPay Lending will be live very soon – sign up here and be the first to know when it does.

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