Looking Back at ZebPay in 2021

In just a few short hours, we’ll be starting a new year once again, full of possibilities. 2022 is calling!

But before we move our calendars forward, we wanted to reflect on the journey we’ve taken together in 2021. It’s been an eventful year for the blockchain industry, both in India and internationally. 

We’ve watched as El Salvador adopted Bitcoin as legal tender; as GameStop stock showed us a true need for decentralized finance. And through it all, we’ve watched crypto quickly go mainstream as the global crypto market cap crossed $2 TRILLION for the first time ever. 

In India, the year started with a bang, as news of a possible crypto ban ran rife in February. We did not sugar coat the issue, but counseled patience, expressing faith in the state of our country’s democracy. This patience was soon rewarded, with the formation of a committee dedicated to the legislation of digital assets.

As organisations like the Crypto Relief Fund continue their work to help India fight the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re confident that the government will see the benefits these new technologies will bring to our economy.

It’s been an eventful year for ZebPay too! Let’s start with a quick scorecard:

  • Listed 50+ new tokens, meaning you now have more than 100 market pairs to buy and sell with on ZebPay
  • Our exchange trade volume has grown by 300% in this time, boosted by trading in fan-favourite tokens like ADA, SOL and SHIB. 
  • In October, for the first time in our exchange’s history, we crossed $100 million in 24-hour exchange trading volume
  • Launched the world’s first womens’ DAO
  • The ZebPay community has doubled in the last year, as our user base has grown by 135% 
  • The Ohana has grown too! The Z-Team now has more than 200 members working from all over the world.

Of course, it’s never about just the numbers. As we continue to expand our offerings, our mission to deliver long-term value still stands. It’s the mission we believe in, and act on. 

One of our most frequently-received pieces of feedback this year was to add to the list of tokens available on our platform. With our new Xpress Listings we can add tokens and trade pairs significantly faster, meaning you get to trade in new tokens faster too!

Our mission also expands beyond just listing tokens. ZebPay’s new product features – Earn and Lend – have been a big step towards achieving our mission. Unlocking the power of passive income is crucial as you generate wealth, and by creating fixed crypto deposits, you can do just that with your tokens.

“Paisa hi paise ko khichta hai? Ab se, crypto bhi crypto ko kheechega!”

As another year comes to a close and we complete our reflections, it is important to remember gratitude. Every one of you makes ZebPay special, and we are grateful for all your support. We’ll see you in the new year soon!

Disclaimer: Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions. Each investor must do his/her own research or seek independent advice if necessary before initiating any transactions in crypto products and NFTs. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the article belong solely to the author, and not to ZebPay or the author’s employer or other groups or individuals. ZebPay shall not be held liable for any acts or omissions, or losses incurred by the investors. ZebPay has not received any compensation in cash or kind for the above article and the article is provided “as is”, with no guarantee of completeness, accuracy, timeliness or of the results obtained from the use of this information.

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