Blockchain’s Influence on Education

Blockchain’s influence on education translates into advancements in student-teacher interactions and reducing time consuming work. Blockchain can help with file storage, student records, digital diplomas and certificates.

As the world becomes technologically advanced, the education sector is set to disrupt. We have been reaping the benefits of edtech ventures for two decades now. This trend has helped education speed up its process of  modernization. Now it’s time for technologies around crypto to help boost the process. Technologies such as blockchain‘s distributed ledger, AI, and ML are rapidly replacing textbooks.  In this article we will go over what blockchain technology can do for education. 

How can blockchain’s technology influence the education sector? 

A recent study at University of Cincinnati found that technological improvements can benefit students. 92% of the teachers believed that such developments improve student-teacher interactions. One of those technologies having an extremely positive impact on the learning process is blockchain. Blockchain’s distributed ledger technology can manage accountability and transparency.

Student records

Academic institutions have to spend a lot of time on student records. They have to manually verify the accuracy of the grades on the students’ transcripts. Let’s say a student decides to move states in the middle of their higher education. It becomes hard to track and manage their student records. However, the most tedious job is the certification of course contents. There might be scenarios moves colleges but has same course requirement. It becomes hard for institutions to waive off the requirement. This is because they can not confirming uniform course content across the two institutions. With the help of information stored on blockchain this can be done in a few clicks. 

Certificates and Diplomas

These diplomas can be provided digitally to students instead of a paper prone to damages. Digital diplomas are better since they are not time consuming and cumbersome. Therefore, MIT has already begun to issue digital blockchain-stored certificates in 2017. This can also help in preventing forgery of degrees.

File storage

Institutions generally require a lot of space to store digital curricula, records, and degrees. Local storage of such information can lead to risks data loss. Cloud storage is not a solution as it also faces the same issues of centralization. Blockchain based cloud storage solutions like Filecoin are the way ahead.  

Lessons, courses and publishing

Blockchains also use smart-contracts. This can help teachers to program lessons and courses onto a blockchain. The course can progress at its own speed thereafter, after the required conditions are met automatically taught after certain conditions are met. Not only this, blockchain can help in publishing research from researchers. Given that the road to publication is cumbersome and requires a lot of due diligence. Therefore, the publishing process is quite inefficiency. Publishing on blockchain could help researchers with management and protection rights. 

The blockchain’s distributed ledger technology is set to help us in numerous ways. There are a few upcoming startups that are aiming to leverage the technology too. We will see more prominent adoption in the coming decade.  

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