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25 August 2021 | ZebPay Trade-Desk

Streamr is an open-source decentralized crowdfunding platform for real-time data processing. Streamr Network is the heart of this platform, allowing devices and users to share their data. 

The Streamr Network has three components: 

  • Streamr is a series of time stamped messages sent by publishers to subscribers via the Streamr Network. 
  •  A set of streams creates a Product published on the Marketplace and subscribed to. 
  •  DATA is a cryptocurrency that supports the Streamr ecosystem in various ways; it is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Rather than a single organization investing in specialized data architecture, the network is community-driven, creating a neutral and permissionless real-time data network that’s great for small businesses. Used cases such as data sharing, data monetization, and Internet decentralization have been seen, by empowering the underlying Internet without compromising its open and decentralized nature. Simply put, Streamr allows you to monetize data on your device, in the same way, a token like BA, allows you to monetize your attention. The DATA token is an ERC20 token and is built into the Streamr ecosystem. You can access data streams using DATA payments, and the token will incentivize the mechanism.

ENPS is an Indian blockchain startup founded by Harsh Rajat and Risha Joshi in 2020, who envisioned the Ethereum protocol that would allow any dApp, service, or smart contract to notify users through their wallet address.  This applies to the Android and iOS sections and can be delivered with platform diagnostics. Whether you want to view messages on a mobile device, tablet, web app, or through your favorite wallet; your PUSH notification will come to you.

We often compare a person’s public key with their email address. PUSH makes this comparison even more accurate. Let’s take a look at two specific use cases for PUSH: DEX and lending protocols. DEX users can be notified when the price of a token falls or rises a certain percentage. They can also set up notifications for when their trades are completed, rather than being forced to check back manually.

Credit Protocol users can set up notifications to be notified of an impending liquidation, rather than registering regularly for security. stormy period. If DeFi users interact with a particularly young or untested protocol, they can set up notifications to tell them if large sums of money are moving in a way that could indicate instability in that Dapp.

Snapshot (at the time of writing):

Market Capitalization$124,644,272$35,577,727
Current Price$0.164$4.54
24 HR Volume $22,616,807$13,683,135
All Time High/Low$0.3746/$0.0048$8.77/$0.6475
Script in Circulation 776,989,039 DATA7,921,780 PUSH
Total Supply 871,667,214 DATA100,000,000 PUSH

If you would like to read more on DATA and PUSH, and how it will operate on the ZebPay exchange, please click here or here

Investment Analysis:

Streamr DATA is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. The token is used for the node’s reward and reward mechanism. In addition, the DATA token is a measure of reputation: the more tokens a node owns, the more weight it has in the community.

After the crowdfunding ended in 2017, a fixed number of tokens were created. As of July 2021, the total DATA amount is about $ 1,000,000,000. The distribution of tokens is as follows: 65% for crowdfunding participants; 15% for the founding team; 15% for the treasury; 3% for project partners and consultants; 2% is distributed in the Streamr community. 

EPNS also contains a DeFi aspect that allows users to earn cryptocurrency to receive actual notifications. The EPNS idea was originally launched in January 2020. The circulating supply of PUSH  is 7,921,780 coins and a maximum supply of 100,000,000 PUSH coins exists.  

DATA has grown a lot especially this year with a YTD return of about 335% and an ICO return of around 140%. Currently, it ranks 328 in the space with a market capitalization of about $0.13 Billion.  PUSH on the other hand has been on the downward trend with YTD falling by around 40%. As of now, it ranks at 599 in the crypto market with a market capitalization of around $0.04 Billion. 

YTD Return (%)335.26%-40.17%
Return from ICO (%)139.05%1.33%
Market Capitalization(bn)0.130.04
Market Rank328599
DATAJan 2021Feb 2021March 2021Apr 2021May 2021Jun 2021Jul 2021Aug 2021
Price (US $)
MoM ROI (%)27.09%78.74%48.12%30.68%-29.96%1.47%-23.41%40.58%
% growth73.53%213.70%27.42%54.00%-53.38%741.46%-76.27%51.33%

DATA is a functional utility token in the Streamr P2P: DATA network that is used to pay for the infrastructure involved in data delivery. DATA can also be used as a payment token for data assets on the Streamr marketplace, which is a necessary detail for the entire platform to work properly.

Since the start of this year, DATA has shown great progress the price has been somewhat stable and swelled gradually, currently at around $0.13. The sudden fall in May could be attributed to the market crash.  The prices have risen by about 160% in the last 8 months. The volumes have followed the same pattern as of the prices and continued to increase until April and fall in may due to market crash and again a sudden rise followed by a dip in July.

The drop in trading in July may be due to regulatory concerns regarding various aspects of the cryptocurrency market. The volume has increased by a whopping number of about 916% since January. August brought good news, uplifting the crypto market as a whole and contributing to the escalation of DATA’s volume and price. 

PUSHMay 2021Jun 2021Jul 2021Aug 2021
Price (US $)3.441.941.021.83
MoM ROI (%)-39.21%-43.59%-47.60%79.85%
% growth-71.43%-47.49%-4.21%363.67%

The PUSH protocol token is designed to encourage a continuous adoption cycle of the EPNS protocol. To do this, the relevant users will be rewarded with a promotion or fine. Your continued involvement is important for both growth and development. adopt the protocol and achieve the goal of becoming a Web 3.0 notification standard.

Since its inception, prices have followed a stable regime of going down until this month. After hitting an all-time low of $0.64 on 20th July it bounced back to an average of around $1.83 in August. The volume has followed the trail of the price and rose with the recovery of the rest of the market only. Since its inception in April, the volume has fallen by about 33% and price by around 67%. August is bringing volume to the asset and price has rallied from an all-time low to about $5 in the last few days. 


The objectives of the Streamr DATA coin are to create a comfortable and prosperous information market, built on the basis of a data exchange network that is convenient and understandable for users. Thus, there is very little risk of scalability and bandwidth issues for the project.

The Streamr team intends not to create a special blockchain, but to focus on the development of network optimization technologies. Launched in late 2017, the asset is relatively mature but is undergoing different challenges and hurdles every day.

PUSH on the other hand is a very young asset who entered the market just 4 months ago. For Web 3.0, there is still no notification mechanism that can notify users or wallet addresses of important updates, events, actions, etc.

EPNS is trying to solve this problem by serving its push notifications. This means that EPNS can allow users full and direct control over which services they receive notifications and enforce service policies, including spam protection for users. And the limitations of EPNS’s ability to add wallets as subscribers are viewed as a social feed, not as a piece of information. The market remained somewhat steady until the crash for both of the assets.

In June, there was recovery but China’s hardcore crypto mining ban and exchanges have come under scrutiny from regulators around the world. Likewise, stablecoins have come under heavy criticism from regulators for potential risks to consumers and the global financial system.

August has brought great relief to both the assets since both are based on the ethereum blockchain and with the recent upgrade during London Hard Fork they have benefitted from it. The future looks bright for the assets and a rise in volume and price is expected in the coming weeks. 


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