Blockchain Trilemma

You know the struggle you face when you have to pick your favourite flavour out of the three options you have? That’s a similar dilemma or should we say, Trilemma that Blockchain faces! Especially when it comes to equally prioritizing scalability, decentralisation and security, in a blockchain network. There’s only one word for it – Impossible! All of them bring their speciality to the table While scalability refers to the speed and volume of the transaction, Decentralization takes care of the distribution of the network nodes, Security ensures the integrity of the system isn’t compromised Due to a lack of equal prioritisation, they are left with no choice but to only trade-off with one. This Trilemma is an Everest to many blockchain technologists and entrepreneurs. They are all striving to solve it with greater effectiveness in the design of any network, update, or application.

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