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Crypto and Crypto Regulations

The past few weeks have seen plenty of buzz around cryptocurrency regulations. Yes, even before the news of India’s cryptocurrency bill broke. For legislators across

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Weekly Trade Report

The Decentralized Ecosystem

The Ministry of Finance has clarified its position on cryptocurrency and the country’s digital currency in the Rajya Sabha this morning. The crypto industry remains positive and believes that the government is unlikely to impose an outright ban on cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

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January Month-End Report

29 January 2021 | ZebPay Trade-Desk The Bitcoin price gains this month are backed by strong fundamental metrics on the network, and good institutional flows.

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Why We Need DeFi: The /r/wallstreetbets Story

The story of /r/wallstreetbets is a David and Goliath story that we shouldn’t forget. The memes are great, and who doesn’t love beating Wall Street at its own game? But as the establishment rushes to protect its biggest fish, let this story also serve as a reminder. A reminder of how heavily the cards are stacked against the individuals in favor of billionaire Wall Street Traders. Let it also serve as a sign for the change DeFi could bring.

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Reflecting on 2020: The Year of ZebPay

At the start of this year, I set one goal for myself—make 2020 the year of ZebPay. I’ve been in the blockchain space for almost 9 years now. I called last year my year of Ethereum. I started buying 1 ETH every single day, and still do. When I took over as CEO of ZebPay in January, I didn’t expect any change in the RBI’s directive to banks for several years.

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Dealing with a Bitcoin Dip

After one of the most explosive bull runs in Bitcoin’s history, we woke up on Monday morning to a rather unpleasant surprise. Bitcoin dropped nearly 20% to the lowest level we’ve seen in a while. Veteran investors remained calm and HODL-ed on. But watching the price fall on a large investment can be excruciating for all but the most hardcore Bitcoiner.

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