Introducing VIP Fee Tiers: More trading, more saving


Our teams at ZebPay are constantly evolving the work we do to provide you with the best possible services as a cryptocurrency trading platform. In keeping with that mission, today we are launching a new addition to our fee structure—VIP fee tiers!

View the VIP fee tiers here.

How it works

The concept is simple. There are three VIP tiers: VIP 1, VIP 2, and VIP 3. Your VIP tier will be calculated over a period of 30 days, using a rolling methodology. This means that irrespective of the day that trades are being executed, the fees are calculated in real time, using an algorithm that allows for a rolling 30 day period to be considered.

The minimum amount you need to trade to be eligible for this discounting model is INR 10 lakhs, over a 30 day period. Why this number? Our team made a conscious decision to keep the amount as low as possible. At ZebPay, we have always prized accessibility over exclusivity, and we hope this move will allow more of our community to benefit from the new fee tiers.

Consider a cycle that is from October 3–November 4. Let’s say you have traded a volume worth INR 60 lakhs from October 4–22, then zero additional trades from October 22–November 3. You will still be eligible for VIP 2 fee benefits. This is because you traded INR 50 lakhs for the stipulated 30 days time period. The cycle keeps rolling from there on for the next 30 days. As long you trade above the minimum eligible amount, you will continue to benefit from this fee structure.

Cumulative 30-day trading volumes are automatically calculated. Depending on which VIP fee tier you fall in, fee rates and discounts are determined.

That’s one small step for us, one giant leap for our traders!

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