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15 September 2021| ZebPay Trade-Desk

Alchemy Pay is the world’s first payment gateway key to bridge the gap between crypto and fiat economies. Apart from crypto payments, Alchemy Pay enables easy and harmonious access to blockchain solutions, crypto investments, and DeFi services designs required to provide elite veterans as well as those who are new to crypto and blockchain technology. 

Alchemy was founded in 2018 and grew from a sensible foundation of a merchant network which included Hong Kong’s largest furnishing company, Pricerite, Canadian footwear brand Aldo, Midwest Global Asia taxi service, Singapore’s Cé La Vi, and software technology company Arcadier.  As the firm grew substantially, the partnership with QFPay and Binance rose to accommodate its end-user and merchant touch-points to millions which now includes the customer e-commerce platform Shopify. 

Alchemy Pay Snapshot (at the time of writing):

Market Capitalization$245,635,105
Current Price$0.074
24 HR Volume $67,001,969
All Time High/Low$0.197/$0.0013
Script in Circulation 3,157,787,878 ACH
Total Supply 10,000,000,000 ACH

ACH which is the native token of Alchemy Pay has a maximum supply of 10 billion. The circulating supply is about 3.15 billion ACH coins of which 62% is from the initial allocation for utility and 38% for stakeholders. Again from these categories, this is further divided into locked and unlocked segments connected to consumer transaction rewards, enterprise transaction rewards, DeFi transaction rewards, enterprise partners, transaction mobility, and incentives for the team of Alchemy Pay, backers, and advisors of it. 

The ACH coin can be purchased and sold on ZebPay now. It can be exchanged for fiat currencies like the INR and US dollar, against other cryptocurrencies such as BTC, Ether, and stable coins like USDT.  Alchemy pay ACH tokens can be traded on both derivatives and spot markets, across various global exchanges.

Investment Analysis:

Alchemy Pay was a brainchild of a team of veterans of fiat payment gateway from China and Singapore.  They all shared a profound interest in the popular and fast-rising cryptocurrency industry and a dream to create a bridge between crypto and fiat currencies. The system of Alchemy Pay allows participants in both crypto and fiat ecosystems to attain fast, safe, secure, easy to use, flexible, and expandable global solutions for payment which is based on decentralized smart contracts, on-chain analytics, second-layer scaling solutions, and consensus mechanism of the blockchain technology. 

The environment of Alchemy Pay provides transactions with various cryptocurrencies, peer-to-peer payments, combined payments, escrow payments, conditional payments, cross-chain payments, and a whole lot more including fiat options for everything. A lot of high-profile cryptocurrency enthusiasts view the fiat currency in a negative light, Alchemy Pay instead chooses to create an interface-bridging the gap rather than abandoning the fiat world behind. 

AssetAlchemy Pay
YTD Return (%)2130% 
Return from ICO (%)1196%
Market Rank 257
ACHQ1 2021Q2 2021Q3 2021
Price (US $)0.0060.0070.051
MoM ROI (%)-21.25%9.52%639.13%
Volume ($ MN)2.725.5056.24
% growth-10.13%102.44%922.08%
Market Cap9.3214.34161.80
% growth20.18%53.91%1028.10%

Alchemy Pay coin is an ERC-20 token, the native token ACH is essentially utilized to encourage the users of all main roles in the Alchemy Pay crypto-fiat hybrid environment. ACH coins can be rewarded, pledged, accumulated, and paid as fees-plus confer voting rights in community scenarios and governance tokens. 

In the table above we can see that the prices have increased by around 750% since January. The first quarter of 2021 saw a fall in ROI but it recovered pretty well and continued to rise in the last two quarters with the price of an ACH token now ranging between $0.08 to $0.07. The volume followed the trails of prices and there was a slight dip of around 21% in the first quarter of this year after which the volume recovered and held strong even during the market crash in May. 

In the last 9 months, the volume has swelled by approximately 1952% for the world’s first payment gateway crypto token.  The market capitalization has remained stable over the last 3 quarters of 2021. It stretched out its market capitalization over the last 9 months and climbed the rank ladder now occupying the 257th number. The market capitalization has risen by a whopping 1636% approximately in just 9 months. 


Alchemy Pay’s native coin ACH is an ERC 20 token that powers the platform enabling payments via a huge variety of fiat and cryptocurrencies. The fees on this network are paid using the ACH token and the participants can even earn rewards for purchases in the ACH coin too. With Binance partnering with Alchemy Pay, it provided the Binance pay users the ability to pay across merchants of Alchemy Pay’s partners of 18 countries which included software technology firm Arcadier and e-commerce site Shopify. Last month only the firm announced that it is planning to issue a crypto-linked virtual card that would be accepted on the Mastercard and Visa payment network, strengthening its vision of bridging the gap between fiat and cryptocurrencies. In the recent news, Alchemy Pay has also announced to form a partnership with ForTube which is a DeFi multi-chain lending protocol used to borrow and lend ACH tokens. This partnership would most probably result in the expansion and adoption of Alchemy Pay’s hybrid fiat-crypto payment system to boost the coin’s value and climb higher in the market cap ladder for a better rank. 


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