Play-to-Earn Must Have Gaming Equipment for Serious Gamers


Play-to-earn games are revolutionizing the gaming landscape by introducing tangible economic incentives. In contrast to conventional games that reward players with virtual points or rankings, blockchain games enable the acquisition of digital assets possessing fungible value.

As a gamer, you can earn crypto tokens, or NFTs (non-fungible tokens), that you have full ownership and control over. Your dedication and time in activities such as character advancement, victorious battles, or quest completion are directly rewarded. Some games even facilitate the generation of passive income through the NFTs you accumulate. The market value of these digital assets has the potential to appreciate over time. Notably, players have achieved substantial earnings by selling rare NFTs and tokens obtained from these games. This innovative model is drawing large numbers of players eager to participate in this rewarding gaming experience.

In online gaming, achieving a competitive edge depends on a combination of good skills and practice. However, when confronted with opponents of comparable skill, possessing the right equipment can eliminate variables that might hinder optimal performance. From high-refresh-rate monitors to pinpoint-accurate mice, we’ve highlighted the top gaming gear that can provide that crucial competitive advantage.

Gaming PCs and Laptops

A crucial factor to take into account is the urgency with which you require your new gaming PC. If immediate acquisition is your priority, opting for a pre-assembled system, either online or locally, might be the most efficient choice. Pre-built gaming PCs typically come equipped with almost everything necessary for a quick setup, including a keyboard, mouse, and operating system. In contrast, custom-built PCs necessitate assembly before shipment, and the delivery timeframe varies based on the vendor. Some companies specialize in rapid turnaround, while others may require several weeks or more. The intricacy of your chosen build also influences the waiting period.

Pre-built systems often include a pre-installed operating system, accompanied by manufacturer-recommended software. Custom builds likewise usually feature an installed OS, commonly Windows. It’s essential to consider the operating system you intend to use and any other necessary programs. Before investing in a custom PC, it’s advisable to familiarize yourself with proper system balance. If you’re planning a gaming PC, begin your journey by researching the required components, such as CPU, RAM, and storage.

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Graphics Cards and Processing Power

Graphics cards typically range from 2GB to 12GB of video RAM, commonly referred to as VRAM. For optimal 1080p gaming, gamers usually require a minimum of a 4GB VRAM video card, with a preference for a 6GB VRAM card, especially for those aiming to maximize their refresh rate. 

When delving into higher resolutions like 1440p (2K) or 2160p (4K), an 8GB VRAM video card is recommended. VRAM capacities exceeding 8GB are generally utilized for GPU-intensive tasks such as video editing, graphic rendering, AI, and VR applications. To enhance the internal components, users can also opt for extras like water cooling, ensuring that the processor maintains an optimal temperature, particularly under heavy CPU demands.

Laptop Gaming: Portability and Power

The gaming industry has witnessed the introduction of Nvidia RTX 40-Series graphics cards for gaming laptops, accompanied by cutting-edge processors. These laptops effectively combine the potency of a desktop machine with the convenience of a lightweight device. Nevertheless, exceptional gaming laptops achieve this feat by maintaining optimal temperature, striking a balance between price and performance, and incorporating high-quality displays without compromising cost. The best gaming laptops excel at blending raw power with value for money, surpassing expectations despite not necessarily featuring the most advanced graphics cards or extensive RAM – they consistently outperform their price point.

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Gaming Peripherals

When considering an investment in a gaming monitor to gain a competitive advantage, there are several features to consider. It is vital to select a panel with a high and variable refresh rate. While many monitors come with a standard 60Hz refresh rate, for competitive gaming, opting for a higher rate is preferable. For example, a monitor with a capacity to scale up to 120Hz means it can display up to 120 frames per second, providing finer frame granularity for precise gameplay. Notably, Alienware’s 25-inch 240Hz AW2518H currently boasts the highest refresh rate among gaming monitors.

Additionally, a monitor offering a variable refresh rate is essential. FreeSync is available on the AMD side, while G-Sync is the counterpart on Nvidia’s side. These display technologies enable your GPU to control the monitor’s refresh rate, allowing for a swift response time akin to disabling V-Sync without encountering the nuisance of screen tearing. Furthermore, a quick response time is crucial for your gaming monitor, ideally four milliseconds or less. This ensures minimal delay between your inputs and on-screen actions, contributing to a more responsive gaming experience.

Mechanical Keyboards

When selecting a gaming keyboard, opt for a mechanical one to ensure an enhanced gaming experience. The tactile feedback provided by mechanical switches guarantees consistent keystrokes, eliminating uncertainties about whether a key press is registered. An emerging technology to keep an eye on is the introduction of optical switches, which employ light for input recording rather than traditional mechanical solutions. While these switches share similar mechanical components with Cherry MX equivalents, such as the stem and spring, the send-and-receive signals provide a much faster response time. For gaming purposes, it is advisable to choose a keyboard with macro keys, which allows you to program a sequence of button commands with a single key for added efficiency.

Gaming Mice

While gaming is possible with a free or inexpensive mouse, opting for an ergonomically comfortable one equipped with a fast and precise sensor, along with suitable buttons tailored to your specific playstyle, can significantly enhance your control. For avid MMO or MOBA players, a mouse-like Razer’s Naga Hex V2, featuring 14 programmable buttons, proves invaluable for swiftly executing abilities. Conversely, if you’re a shooter enthusiast, a mouse like Logitech’s G502, equipped with a rapid and accurate optical sensor, can assist in achieving optimal shot accuracy.

Most quality gaming mice include a DPI button for on-the-fly sensitivity adjustments; for instance, the G502 allows scaling from 200 to 12,000 DPI. These features enable finer control over your shots, which is particularly beneficial for precision tasks such as sniping.

Gaming Headsets 

Various games incorporate diverse approaches to positional audio, but investing in a quality gaming headset is crucial to ensuring you catch essential audio cues. While numerous gaming headsets offer virtual 7.1 surround sound, it’s noteworthy that many games utilize Dolby Atmos software for more precise positional audio and recommend deactivating virtual surround. Therefore, a key consideration when selecting gaming headphones is ensuring excellent stereo imaging and enabling accurate blending of left and right audio drivers.

In addition to audio quality, the choice of headphones should include a good microphone for effective communication with teammates. Finally, ergonomics should not be overlooked. Ill-designed headphones can become uncomfortable after an hour or so of use. Optimal headsets feature a flexible, self-adjusting headband and comfortable ear cups, allowing extended gameplay without significant discomfort.

Mouse Pads and Wrist Rests

While most contemporary mice can track on tabletop surfaces, top-tier gaming mice are frequently optimized to function seamlessly with mousepads. Mousepads come in a diverse range, including hardtops and cloth pads, and the two primary factors to consider when purchasing one are the glide and grip they provide. A mousepad emphasizing grip offers enhanced control and precision, while a mousepad prioritizing gliding provides a smoother and faster feel. Your choice should be influenced by your play style and the genre of games you engage in.

Network and Connectivity 

Play to Earn Games Network and Connectivity

The final component vital for achieving peak gaming performance is a fast internet connection to minimize lag spikes. In serious competitive online play, aiming for a low ping rate is crucial for swift response times—ideally, a ping of 20 milliseconds or less is recommended. While it may be challenging to secure a service with a specified ping rate range, it is advisable to opt for a wired Ethernet connection on an internet subscription that provides a minimum download speed of at least 6 Mbps.

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Storage Solutions

For an optimal gaming experience with modern games, it’s advisable to have a minimum storage capacity of 512GB. Given that certain newer games can consume over 200GB of space individually, managing game storage through cloud services or app stores, where you can download or remove them from your hard drive as needed, is an option. However, to avoid potential inconveniences or if you plan to extensively engage with today’s games, it is recommended to opt for a storage capacity of 1TB or more. Rest assured, if you initially make a decision that proves insufficient in terms of finances or space, you can always scale up later.

Ergonomics and Health Considerations 

The gaming surface plays a pivotal role in the gaming experience, so it must facilitate an ergonomic setup. The top of the surface should allow for comfortable positioning, situated just below the player’s seated elbow height. Underneath, there should be adequate clearance for legs and feet, avoiding contact with thighs and providing freedom of movement.

Ensuring good posture extends beyond having the right ergonomic equipment; it involves training the body to adopt positions—sitting, standing, walking, and lying—that minimize strain. Proper posture maintains optimal muscle tension by applying appropriate pressure to joints and ligaments. Changing positions, such as moving from sitting to standing, can significantly shift weight distribution, improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, and enhance musculoskeletal comfort. Additionally, altering your location, whether by walking, skipping, jogging, or engaging in other activities, stimulates cognition, fosters connections, and reduces the risk of musculoskeletal issues associated with prolonged static postures.

Employing supportive ergonomic equipment and adhering to best practices for the three layers of movement can greatly benefit gamers and eSports athletes. Additionally, cultivating healthy living habits—such as maintaining a nutritious diet, staying hydrated, exercising, and taking time to relax—contributes to overall well-being and ultimately enhances gaming performance.

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Conclusion: Elevate Your Play-to-Earn Gaming Experience

When setting up your gaming equipment, consider that your gaming ecosystem requires careful balance. It is essential to determine your preferences and what you desire from your overall gaming experience, and then allocate resources accordingly. If budgeting is a concern, it is advised to allocate a significant portion of your budget to the graphics card and CPU. These components have the most substantial impact on enhancing the visual aspects of your gaming. Following this, investing in reliable and sufficient storage contributes to faster game performance and loading times. 

While an aesthetically pleasing design or an elaborate case may be visually appealing, they won’t significantly affect your in-game experience. The additional memory has its merits, but if it exceeds your usage needs, it may not provide substantial benefits. Remember, the investment is entirely personal, so construct a PC that aligns with your preferences. While it’s recommended to prioritize spending on features that enhance your device’s gaming capabilities, ensure that the PC also caters to your specific tastes and requirements.

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