ZebPay on Disney Hotstar: A historic moment for crypto in India


If you missed it, last month we made our debut on screens across the country during India’s biggest sporting event. Not only was this a first for us, it was a huge moment for the entire crypto community in India. The word Bitcoin invokes a number of feelings among most Indians, and the unfortunate truth is that they’re often misinformed. We set out to change that.

Our idea

The idea first occurred to Sudha Kiran, a Senior Digital Marketing Executive in our team. Once she brought it to the table, the rest of us jumped onboard because of the sheer scale of the idea. After initial meetings, we began the brainstorming process and went over several iterations of what the ad should look like. Everyone had an opinion. With only 10 seconds to make a statement, we knew what we wanted to be front and centre: Bitcoin.

Your response

Turner Wright of Cointelegraph, among others wrote about how the ad made history. But the response from the Indian crypto community was all the validation we needed. What made us happiest was, you recognised that this wasn’t about promoting ZebPay or making any one person the focus of our message. Our goal in doing this was more than anything, to educate. The most commonly held myth about Bitcoin is that it’s inaccessible to the common people because it’s too expensive. What they don’t know is that you can start with 10,000 rupees, or 100 rupees, or 10.

In fact, fighting poverty is our CEO, Rahul Pagidipati’s mission for ZebPay. As we’ve written before, one of Bitcoin’s greatest strengths is that it’s inflation-proof. Bitcoin offers the ability to store, exchange, and create wealth. 

Our CMO, Vikram Rangala, recently gave a talk to economics students at the Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics. He made the case for Bitcoin being a form of satyagraha, or non-violent resistance, against a failed economic system that privileges the wealthy over the masses. We hope that with the ad—one small step from our side—we brought them a little closer to seeing the light.

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